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Jezebel Express is a New York artist known for her quick wit and spectacular shimmy-shaking performances. She can regularly be found in New York City on top of various bars, but she has traveled the world performing and teaching (recent stops include Reykjavik and Prague!)

Jezebel is an instructor at the New York School of Burlesque, and she believes that glamour is for EVERYONE. She specializes in choreography/dance storytelling, fan dancing, and movement for beginners.

As a theatre artist, Jezebel has performed with LaMaMa Experimental Theatre in "Etiquette of Death", served as Taylor Mac's Dandy Minion in the 24-hour spectacle "A 24 Decade History of Popular Music", and performed at The Flea Theatre's Flea Fridays cabaret. She is currently in rehearsal for a show which will appear at St. Ann's Warehouse Labapaloooza! festival.






APR 6   FRI  The Champagne Riot       Guadalupe Inn (Bushwick)  8pm & 10:30 /$20-$25 / TIX HERE

APR 21  SAT  Mr. Choade's Wild Ride   The Slipper Room (LES)    9:30 & 10:30 / $10-$15 / TIX HERE

APR 25  WED  Burlesque Guadalupe!     Guadalupe Inn (Bushwick)  9pm / no charge / RESERVATION

APR 27  FRI  Wasabassco Late Night    City Winery (Soho)        11:30pm / $22.00 / TIX HERE

MAY 1   THU  Private Event            Private                   Private

MAY 4   FRI  Taylor Mac Event         TBA (New Jersey)          TBA

MAY 13  SUN  NYSB Student Showcase    DROM                      TBA

MAY 17-21    SHOW ME BURLESQUE FEST   St. Louis, MO             TBA

MAY 27  SUN  Wasabassco Brunch        Bathtub Gin               2:30pm / no charge / RESERVATION ONLY

MAY 25  SAT  Mr. Choade's Wild Ride   The Slipper Room (LES)    10:30 & 12:00 / $10-$15 / TIX HERE

JUN 15  FRI  The Slipper Room         The Slipper Room (LES)    9:30 & 10:30 / $10-$15 / TIX HERE

JUN 17  SUN  NYSB Student Showcase    DROM                      8pm / $10-$15 / TIX HERE

JUN 22  FRI  The Champagne Riot       Guadalupe Inn (Bushwick)  8pm & 10:30 /$20-$25 / TIX HERE

JUN 26-31    Labapalooza!             St. Ann's Warehouse       TBA

JULY 21      House of Deveraux: AC/DC Le Poisson Rouge          8pm / $20-$40 / TIX HERE

AUG 3   FRI  Jo Weldon's Birthday!    Coney Island USA          TBA

AUG 10  FRI  The Champagne Riot       Guadalupe Inn (Bushwick)  8pm & 10:30 /$20-$25 / TIX HERE

OCT 19  FRI  The Champagne Riot       Guadalupe Inn (Bushwick)  8pm & 10:30 /$20-$25 / TIX HERE                    



Jezebel teaches regular classes at The New York School of Burlesque for all levels. She frequently teaches Thursday night Flirting With Burlesque classes, and runs a Sunday afternoon Burlesque Act Development series for students who want to put an act onstage!

She is available for private workshops, group parties, and Skype or phone consultation. Jezebel also holds a BFA in dance choreography, and has served as a consultant for stage and screen.

 Our 2018 Spring Student Showcase

Our 2018 Spring Student Showcase


The New York School of Burlesque is the oldest burlesque school in North America! Jezebel is a core faculty instructor.

Class offerings include basic bump & grind, chair dance, feather fan dancing, makeup & wig lessons, burlesque act development & more.

Join us for one session, or a series. Click the link below to see our current class offerings!

 Wanna get bigger & better? Let's do this.

Wanna get bigger & better? Let's do this.


Jezebel is available for one-on-one consultations either in person or remotely. She is an expert choreographer who can help you quickly polish an existing burlesque act, provide feedback on a developing concept, or polish your skills to improve your overall performance.

Jezebel also offers one-on-one confidence workshops. She believes that confidence is a practice, that glamour is for everyone, and that every single person is worthy of love and respect exactly as they exist today. If you would like believe those things too, let's make it happen. 

Please contact Jez directly with details about your goals for a quote.



If you can't attend Jezebel's regular classes, or simply have a specific set of skills you want to learn, plan your own custom lesson. Perfect your fan dancing skills, learn a dance to your favorite song, or simply throw a memorable bachelorette party! Jezebel can always plan the perfect lesson, and she's even available by Skype! 

Please contact Jez directly to plan your group lesson or party.