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Jezebel Express is a New York dance & theatre artist known for her quick wit and spectacular shimmy-shaking performances. 

She can regularly be found in New York City on top of various bars, but has traveled the world performing (recent stops include Reykjavik and Prague!)

Jezebel is an instructor at the New York School of Burlesque, and she believes that glamour is for EVERYONE. She specializes in teaching choreography/dance storytelling, silk & feather fan dancing, and body confidence workshops. (PS: Your body is fine.)

To contact Jezebel for interviews, coaching, private lessons, bookings, or because you want to teach her to hula hoop (so far, a lost cause), send her an email HERE.





Sept 4 Guadalupe Inn Burlesque Guadalupe Inn (Bushwick) 8-10pm / RESERVATIONS HERE

Sept 5 TEACHING: Flirting w/Burlesque NYSB 440 Lafayette 8-9pm / REGISTER HERE

Sept 6 Slipper Room Slipper Room LES 9:30 & 10:30 / Tix HERE

Sept 7 Private show (Midtown NYC) Private Private

Sept 12-15 Nashville Burlesque Fest Nashville Palace TICKETS HERE!

Sept 19 TEACHING: Flirting w/Burlesque NYSB 440 Lafayette 8-9pm / REGISTER HERE

Sept 21 TEACHING: Fan Dance Workshops NYSB / 440 Lafayette 3-6pm / REGISTER HERE

Sept 21 Slipper Room Slipper Room LES 9:30 & 10:30 / Tix HERE

Sept 22 TEACHING: Act Development Series NYSB /440 Lafyette 3:30-5:30pm/ Register HERE

Sept 26 TEACHING: Flirting w/Burlesque NYSB 440 Lafayette 8-9pm / REGISTER HERE

Sept 26-29 New York Burlesque Festival - Performing FRIDAY! 7:30pm/ TIX HERE

Oct 3 TEACHING: Flirting w/Burlesque NYSB 440 Lafayette 8-9pm / REGISTER HERE

Oct 10 TEACHING: Flirting w/Burlesque NYSB 440 Lafayette 8-9pm / REGISTER HERE

Oct 24 HOSTING: Nurse Bettie Nurse Bettie (LES) 10:30pm/ NO COVER (Tip us!)

Nov 3rd NYSB Act Development Showcase DROM (East Village) Tix TBA

Nov 6-10th Burlycon (Seattle) Hilton Seattle Tix & Info HERE




Jezebel teaches regular classes at The New York School of Burlesque for all levels. She frequently teaches Thursday night Flirting With Burlesque classes, and runs a Sunday afternoon Burlesque Act Development series for students who want to put an act onstage! You can find her current classes and links for more info below!



SEPT 21st, 3-6pm


Whether you're new to the world of fan dancing or an experienced showgirl whose fans are gathering dust, this class will instill in you the confidence and knowledge you need to fan dance fantastically onstage! We'll start the class by revisiting basic fan handling techniques, from finding a comfortable grip to moving your fans around your body with grace and ease. We'll explore different types of fan movement and learn framing poses that help you use fans to showcase your performance. This class is for people who own or want to learn to work with large ostrich feather fans (20x40 or larger.) A limited amount of fans will be available for people who do not own them... please reach out to Jezebel after registering if you need to borrow fans for this class!


This advanced class is for burlesque artists who know how to hold ostrich fans and work with them, but don't feel confident or excited about performing with them onstage. Before you say "I'm not really the fan dancing type", try out this class and rethink your relationship with your fans! We'll explore different styles of ostrich fan dancing, from dreamy to dazzling, and try them several movement styles to see if there's one that connects with your performance preferences. We'll learn some short fan dancing combinations at different tempos, utilizing several fan holds, with the goal of finding the style that makes sense to you so you can leave feeling confident with fans in your hands. We'll also address a performer's practical concerns: how to choreograph a fan dance that sparkles instead of snoozes, how to utilize fans in floorwork, and how to get your clothes off while your hands are full! Bring your fans, and your questions! Wear clothing you can move in. A limited amount of fans will be available for people who do not own them, but this class will not cover basic holds or fan work, so if you are inexperienced with fans, please take the Technique class offered immediately before this one. Reach out to Jezebel after registering if you need fans for this class!

Sept 21: Feather Fan Dancing Workshops w/ Jezebel Express




SEPT 22-OCT 20, 3:30-5:30pm, 440 STUDIOS

This five-week intensive workshop give you the tools and support you need to create a standout burlesque number. This class guides students through the process of developing an act from the first twinkle of an idea to a fully-staged showpiece in a supportive, constructive environment. This class culminates in a Student Showcase performance, so you'll have a chance to show off your hard work onstage!

This class is suitable for both burlesque performers creating their first acts and those with more experience seeking continued growth and improvement. REGISTER BELOW!

Act Development w/Jezebel Express (Sept 22-Oct 20th, 3:30-5:30)



Beginners Welcome! This class has a focus on women's experience in their bodies, but all genders are welcome if they intend to participate fully and with respect for each other. No observers.

Learn sexy burlesque moves including bumps, grinds and shimmies! This class introduces the basic principles of burlesque movement in a fun, beginner-friendly environment. Our focus is on confidence, coordination, and feeling sexy in your body! Each class, we stretch, dance, and learn a section of a group burlesque routine. Students who attend at least 3 classes and who have mastered the routine will be able to perform in our student showcase on November 3rd! <3

Fall Flirting With Burlesque w/ Jezebel Express!


Wanna up your game? Let's do this.

Wanna up your game? Let's do this.


Jezebel is available for one-on-one consultations either in person or remotely. She is an expert choreographer who can help you quickly polish an existing burlesque act, provide feedback on a developing concept, or polish your skills to improve your overall performance.

Jezebel also offers one-on-one confidence workshops. She believes that confidence is a practice, that glamour is for everyone, and that every single person is worthy of love and respect exactly as they exist today. If you would like believe those things too, let's make it happen. 

Please contact Jez directly with details about your goals for a quote.



If you can't attend Jezebel's regular classes, or simply have a specific set of skills you want to learn, plan your own custom lesson. Perfect your fan dancing skills, learn a dance to your favorite song, or simply throw a memorable bachelorette party! Jezebel can always plan the perfect lesson, and she's even available by Skype! 

Please contact Jez directly to plan your group lesson or party.



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